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Since the Trademark Renewal/Restoration process is very much similar to that of the Registration process, we charge the same for both which is:
* Government Fees per Registration applicable

What is the need for TM renewal from the legal perspective?

Trademark is a unique identification for every business in this robust market. But just like every good thing in life, it too has a shelf life.

Failing to get TM renewal can have your trademark removed from the TM journal. It can cost you losing your brand identity that you have earned through years of hard work and dedication.

How frequently you need to file for TM renewal?

You need to renew your TM in the interval of every 10 years. You can renew your trademark indefinitely. You will be given a ‘notice of reminder’ intimating the expiry, 6 months prior to it.

In case you fail/forget to do so, you can still get your TM renewal by paying an extra ‘TM restoration’ fee up to 1 year after expiry.

What documents are required for trademark renewal?

With the following documents, you can easily request for TM renewal-

  • Registered brand name
  • Owner’s/Business Address proof,
  • Existing TM registration certificate,
  • Power of attorney (only in case a representative is filing TM renewal)

How to apply for trademark renewal with Go India Legal?

Filing for TM renewal is extremely hassle-free with GO India Legal, it can be done in these simple steps-

  • You apply for TM renewal with necessary details and make payment,
  • We confirm whether or not you want any alteration in the existing TM,*
  • Our experts check all the documents and file for TM Renewal,
  • We routinely check the status of TM renewal, until it is done,
  • Verify that TM has been successfully registered in the TM registration journal,
  • At the end of the process, you will receive the certification of TM renewal;

At Go India Legal, we keep you informed and updated at every stage.

* In case you want any modification or alteration is your trademark, TM renewal is the ideal scope of doing so.

What makes GO India Legal the suitable partner for trademark renewal?

  • 50+ Expert advisors,
  • Quick response and promptness,
  • Complete support till TM renewal is complete,
  • Experience and expertise in the relevant field,
  • Registered under government body,
  • Pan-India service provider,
  • Highly Economical/Easily affordable.
FAQs on Trademark Restoration/Renewal
How does this Service Work?
This service works in the following manner:
  1. You need to fill in the registration form on our Website and pay the one-time Service Fee.
  2. A Trademark Expert gets assigned to your case and then they reach out to you within a few hours to collect further information regarding your mark.
  3. You provide the Trademark Expert with the necessary information for registering the mark and pay the necessary government fees and stamp duty.
  4. We file the mark for Renewal/Restoration on the same day post receiving your confirmation regarding the form details.
  5. We follow-up with the Trademark Registry till the time your Trademark is either renewed or restored.
What are the applicable Government Fees for Renewing/Restoring the Trademark?
For Trademark Renewal, the applicable Government Fees is Rs. 9000/- and along with that, you would need to pay the applicable stamp duty by purchasing one Re. 100 Stamp paper either by yourself or for certain select states where e-stamp paper is available, we can procure the same for you for a small fee.
For Trademark Restoration, there is no fixed Government Fee as it entirely depends upon how much delayed you are in filing the restoration application since the expiry of the Trademark. The Trademark Registrar accordingly decides the fee which you then need to pay to restore your trademark.
Can I modify my Trademark when filing for the Trademark Renewal?
Yes absolutely! You can modify your mark by marking changes and alterations to it before filing the renewal application. We would recommend you do so since once the mark is renewed, you would need to use it as it is for another 10 years and therefore to freshen things up, a little modification/tweaking is always better.
How many times can I keep renewing my Trademark?
You can keep renewing your Trademark as many times as you want. There is no legal limit to the number of times a Trademark can be renewed every 10 years. In short, you can keep on using it forever as long as you keep on renewing it on time.