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Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration
Get your Business Trademark registered online!
Trademark registration is extremely important to protect its unique identity from possible infringement in the future.
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Considering the number of lengthy steps involved at our end to get your mark Registered, we charge a single, competitive and honest price for each Registration which is:
*Amount is inclusive of GST charges

What is meant by Trademark?

A trademark (TM) is a unique identification or symbol that represents your brand in the market.

A trademark can be any mark, it can be- label, ticket, name, heading, signature, word, letter, or its combination, it can also be a specific device, brand, shape of goods, packaging or combination of colours, numeral shape of goods as well.

In short, it is any unique mark that helps your business to create a unique impression in the mind of people/customers. A registered trademark is an intellectual property of an individual/organization.

Which individual/organization requires Trademark Registration?

The following individual/organization requires having own unique trademark-

  • Any individual owning/intending to have his/her business,
  • Private and public Organizations,
  • NGO,
  • Government bodies,
  • Educational institutions( like Universities and schools),
  • Clubs and committees (like sports, cultural or political, etc),
  • Service providers (both local and e-commerce);

How trademark registration can help your organization/business/brand?

A registered trademark helps your business to create a unique impression among the target audience. It acts as an anchor to grab their attention with ease and effectiveness.

The Trademark Act, 1999; protects your brand from any unlawful uses such as passing off, trade mark infringement, and gives you the legal right to sue anyone who tries to do so.

What are the different trademark symbols and their suitable usages?

The 2 following symbols represent various categories of trademark –

  • Circled R ® - It signifies that the trademark has been successfully ‘Registered’,
  • TM ™ - It refers to registered ‘Trademark’ and mostly associates with products/goods based business. It means it has been filed but yet to be registered.

What documents are required for trademark registration?

To register your trademark, you need to have only the following document-

  • Individual’s (owner’s) photo Id proof,
  • Power of Attorney
  • Word mark, Logo

Filing for TM registration goes through numerous stages. At Go India Legal, we take up the following steps-

To register your trademark, you need to have only the following document-

  • You request for TM registration, with details and make payment,
  • We scan the intended TM to ensure its originality, *
  • We help you to select the suitable TM class **
  • We file for TM registration and carry out the process until completion;

At Go India Legal, we keep you informed and updated at every stage.

* In case there is any duplicity/similarity found with an existing TM, we will inform you of it and help you make revisions. This ensures that your TM is authentic and helps to avoid rejection.

** There are 45 classes based on the nature/sector of goods/services. We help you select the most suitable class.

What makes GO India Legal the suitable partner for trademark registration?

  • 24x7 Online platform,
  • 50+ Expert advisors,
  • Quick response and promptness,
  • Complete support until TM is registered,
  • Experience and expertise in the relevant field,
  • Registered under government body,
  • Pan-India service provider,
  • Highly Economical/Easily affordable.
FAQs on Trademark Registration
How does this Service Work?
This service works in the following manner:
  1. You need to fill in the registration form on our Website and pay the one-time Registration Fee.
  2. A Trademark Expert gets assigned to your case and then they reach out to you within a few hours to collect further information regarding your mark.
  3. You provide the Trademark Expert with the necessary information for registering the mark and pay the necessary government fees and stamp duty.
  4. We file the mark for Registration on the same day post receiving your confirmation regarding the form details.
  5. You start using the trademark word beside your businesses’ mark the next day onwards.
Who can file for a Trademark Registration?
Technically, anybody who owns the rights to a unique mark and wants to protect it from piracy, theft, knockoffs etc., can file for a Trademark.
What is the advantage of having a Trademark Registration?
If you have a registered trademark for your business, it helps you with the following:
  1. A trademark prevents others from copying/reusing your brand name or an identical/similar mark on their own goods and services.
  2. A trademark allows you to protect your business’s brand name from piracy, theft, cheap knockoffs, etc. which are aimed at destroying your hard-earned reputation.
  3. A Trademark increases the value and goodwill of a brand name.
  4. A Trademark lends better visibility and legitimacy to a business both in the Indian and International market.
What are the Government fees associated with a Trademark Registration?
The Government charges the following for Trademark Registration:
  1. Rs. 4500 for Sole Proprietors/Individual Business Owners.
  2. Rs. 9000 for Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Partnerships, LLPs, NGO, Societies who do not have a Udyam Adhaar (MSME Registration) Certificate.
  3. Rs. 4500 for Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Partnerships, LLPs, NGO, Societies who have obtained a Udyam Adhaar (MSME Registration) Certificate.
  4. A Trademark lends better visibility and legitimacy to a business both in the Indian and International market.