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We believe that everybody should have the right to file an RTI at the cheapest possible rates and therefore we have a single price for all instances irrespective of whether it is for the initial filing, first appeal, or second appeal of an RTI Application.

What is meant by RTI?

Right To Information, or commonly known as RTI, is a right given by the Government of India, to each and every Indian citizen to access certain information from the Government Institutions and PSU.

It includes top-notch organizations like-
  • Central Government,
  • State Government,
  • Parliament/Assembly
  • Panchayat/Zilla Parishad/Panchayat Samiti,
  • State legislation,
  • Courts of law,
  • Other Public Sector Undertaking, controlled/monitored by the Government;

What information can you acquire under the RTI Act as an Indian citizen?

Through RTI Act, 2005 you can reach out to any Government bodies/institutions to access a wide range of information and get answers to queries, such as-

  • Information related to their functioning,
  • Inspect documents/records/press releases/ circulars/ orders/ logbooks/samples etc,
  • Requesting update on FIR/Passport status/Ration Card/Electricity/Bank etc.etc,
  • Requesting mark sheet verification for school, college, and university students,
  • Lodge complaint against negligence, corruption, and fraudulent;

The scope of RTI is extensive; so, you need to discuss how to proceed before filing RTI.

What documents are required for filing RTI?

To get your RTI successfully registered, you need to have the following documents ready-

  • Applicant’s Photo Id,
  • Applicant’s Address proof,
  • BPL proof, if applicable,*

* Please note that the RTI committee requires making a one-time fee depending upon the type of information required. Clients require paying a nominal fee to Go India Legal for processing their request.

What is the procedure for filing RTI?

Filing for RTI with Go India Legal is Easy and effortless. Follow these simple steps to get the work done-

  • You file RTI request with details and make payment,
  • Our experts review your case and file application, *
  • We await their response and pursue it unless it is done
  • You receive their response and we ensure you get valid reply/information,**

* To get a satisfactory response, it is crucial to file the RTI to the ‘right’ government body. ** In case you are dissatisfied with the response or denied it, we file an appeal for review.

What makes GO India Legal the suitable partner for filing RTI?

  • 24x7 Online Platform
  • 50+ Expert advisors,
  • Quick response and promptness,
  • Complete support till RTI request is complete,
  • Experience and expertise in the relevant field,
  • Registered under government body,
  • Pan-India service provider,
  • Highly Economical/Easily affordable.
How does this service work?
This service works in the following manner:
  • You need to fill-up the form on our website to raise a request for filing an RTI.
  • Once your request is received by our team, depending upon whether it is on priority (same- day filing) or regular (filing is done within 25-72 hours), an RTI Expert from our team will reach out to you to further understand the details of your request.
  • After you consult with our RTI Expert, they will draft your request in an RTI Application and share the same with you for your approval.
  • Once approved, the RTI Application will be filed on the same day (in case of priority) or in the next 25-72 hours (in case of regular) by our team.
Do I need to get my RTI drafted by an expert?
Yes, you do. Although you are free to file an RTI by yourself, the Government officers tend to ignore/not give proper replies unless they are asked very specific questions. In our experience, we have seen that in case an RTI is not drafted by an expert, the RTI tends to become too long or have too few details due to which the Government officers either do not respond at all or provide incomplete replies. All in all, it causes further delays for you in receiving the information that you are seeking. We therefore strongly advise and recommend getting it done through our experts.
How long does it take to get a response from an RTI?
Aside from the RTIs in which life and death are concerned that are required to be answered within 48 hours, all other RTIs mandatorily need to be answered within 30 days of them being received by the government officials. In case you do not receive a reply to your RTI even after 30 days or in case you are unsatisfied with the reply that you have received, you can file for a first and second appeal on your RTI application.
When can first and second appeals to an RTI application be filed?
You can file a First Appeal or a Second appeal in the following cases:
You can file a First Appeal in the following two instances:
  • In case you have not received any response and it has been more than 30 days.
  • In case you have received a response and it is incomplete/unsatisfactory.
You can file a Second Appeal in the following two instances:
  • In case you have not received any response to the first appeal and it has been more than 90 days from the date of filing of the first appeal.
  • In case you have received a response to the first appeal but it is incomplete/unsatisfactory.