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Consumer Complaint
Consumer Complaint
Get your Consumer Complaint filed in simple, easy steps!
Go India Legal offers complete support and guidance for filing Consumer Complaint and make sure for timely grievance addressal.
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Know before you file a Complaint
A Consumer Complaint can be filed for the following Categories of Businesses:
Traditional Business
Traditional Business

What is meant by Consumer complaint?

A consumer complaint is a formal grievance that you file against a seller or service provider for offering you a defective/unsuitable product or service and fails to correct the same even after bringing it to their attention.

In case you fail to get any/satisfactory response or action, you are entitled to file a consumer complaint.

What comes under consumer complaint?

Grievances of the following nature come under the umbrella term of consumer complaint as per the Consumer Protection Act 2019 (COPRA)-

  • Getting a defective/low-grade product,
  • Getting second-hand product sold as new,
  • Not getting refund or replacement against damaged/unwanted product,
  • Failure to obtain warranty/guarantee that was promised,
  • Failure to exercise warranty/guarantee features within the time limit,
  • Trauma/injury due to medical malpractice or other service providers,
  • Charging extra ‘hidden cost’ that is revealed later on,

How the law protects your rights as a consumer against local/e-commerce business fraudulent?

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 protects your right as a consumer against fraudulent committed by both local and e-commerce sellers. It offers the following rights to you-

  • Right to Safety
  • Right to be informed
  • Right to Choose
  • Right to be heard
  • Right to Redressal
  • Right to Consumer Education
  • Right to be assured of its quality

These rights are overviewed and protected by councils in the Centre, State, and District levels.

Who are qualified for filing consumer complaint?

Any of the following individual or organization can file consumer compliant and seek redressal

  • Any individual consumer,
  • Any organization or group of individuals having shared interest,
  • A legal heir or representative, if the actual consumer is now deceased,
  • Legal guardians, in case the consumer is a minor,
  • Any registered third party/mediator acting on behalf of consumers.

Please note that a reseller is not entitled to avail the rights of consumers as per COPRA.

What is the procedure to file for consumer complaint with Go India Legal?

With Go India Legal, filing consumer complaint is quite easy and hassle-free with the following steps,

  • Filing your case to us with details and make payment,
  • Evaluation of the case by our experts,
  • Sending legal notice to the seller and demanding suitable compensation/arrangement,
  • Filing your case in the ‘right’ consumer court (District/State/UT/Central), if required,
  • Patching you with our partner law firm to proceed with your case in consumer forum as per your requirement.*

* The law firm will charge a separate fee for their service. If the judgment comes in your favor, the court will make the seller compensate you for all these costs incurred by you along with the compensation amount.

* The turnaround time is usually 2 working days (from payment to notice dispatch), when you provide all the necessary information at once.

What document you will need for filing a consumer complaint?

You must have Invoices/ cash memo/receipts, delivery challans, communication via emails and SMS, etc to file a consumer complaint.

* Your consumer complaint must be filed within 2 years from the date of purchase.

What makes Go India Legal your ideal partner for filing consumer complaints?

The following features make us the #1 partner for consumer complaint filing-

  • 24x7 Online platform,
  • 50+ Expert advisors,
  • Quick response and promptness,
  • Complete end-2-end complaint resolution,
  • Experience and expertise in the relevant field,
  • Registered under government body,
  • Pan-India service provider,
  • Highly Economical/Easily affordable.
** Please note that Go India Legal only accept a one-time consultancy fee. We DO NOT claim any commission from the client/consumer after they receive the compensation.
FAQs on Consumer Complaint
How does this service work?
This service works in the following manner:
  • You need to fill-in the form on our Website in order to raise your request.
  • Your request is reviewed by our team of specialists.
  • An expert advocate will reach out to you to get further details for your complaint.
  • Thereafter, the expert advocate will share a draft version of the compliant. Once approved, we will send it to the Respondent either via Email or Registered Post.
  • We will follow-up with the Respondent for the next 15 days in order to resolve the dispute for you.
  • After 15 days, in case the dispute does not get resolved, depending upon your requirement, we can refer you to our partner law firms for taking the matter to court.
What is this new Consumer Protection Act, 2019 that has come out?
This new Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has been taken out with the intention of replacing the more than three-decade old Consumer Protection Act of 1986. The main object of taking out this new Act is to include online purchase of goods and services whether through e-commerce websites or other online sellers under its ambit. E-sellers were not a part of the old Consumer Protection Act since such means did not exist back in 1986. The new Act of 2019 has resolved that. On July 20, 2020, multiple provisions of the new Act of 2019 have taken effect.
What are the new things introduced with the 2019 Act?
The new Act has brought about multiple new changes beneficial for the consumer. Some of these include:
  • Creation of a centralized online filing system for lodging complaints.
  • E-Commerce Platforms now have the same Product liability as Manufacturers and Sellers.
  • Heavy penalties of upto Rs. 10 Lakhs for misleading advertisements by Manufacturers/Sellers/E-Commerce Companies. Penalties of upto Rs. 50 Lakh for subsequent offences.
  • Apart from litigation, mediation can now be taken up as a means of dispute resolution.
Do you provide service Pan India?
Yes. Our services are available 24X7 on a Pan India basis except for the States/UTs of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Will you help me in drafting a complaint/notice for my problem?
Yes. Based on your request our legal expert will also draft a tailor-made legal notice/complaint.
In case there is no reply to the legal notice or the other party is denying to provide a resolution, how will you help me?
In our experience around 95% of consumer complaints are resolved through a consumer complaint notice as long as the complaint is genuine and the seller/provider of services is traceable. In the rare event that the seller/service provider is denying to provide any resolution or not responding to the notice, we will help you by providing you with the copy of the petition and relevant documents to be submitted at your local consumer forum so as to initiate a court case against the other party. We will also inform you of the next steps that you need to undertake post filing of the petition so that the matter can be resolved by the consumer court quickly.
Normally, a consumer court does not require any advocate to be present or hired separately in order file and fight a complaint but in the off chance that you would want to file the matter through an advocate instead of yourself, we can assist you in the same by arranging an advocate local to your area who will handle your matter at the court for a separate cost to be paid to them directly against which we have no separate claim or charge.
In case I wish to move my matter before a court/forum after hearing the consultation to file a lawsuit, will you help me?
Yes. Based on your requirement we can refer you to our partner law firms who will assist you further with your legal issue subject to a one-on-one discussion on fees between you and our partner law firm.