How to prevent online lottery frauds

How to prevent online lottery frauds

The latest addition to the online fraud sector is the lottery fraud in India. These fraudsters target the most innocent people with the simplest disguise. But they are not inescapable. In this article, we will discuss how to identify, dodge, and complain about these frauds.

In this kind of fraud case, the fraudsters call WhatsApp to text or message the gullible victim telling them that their cell number has won a massive amount of cash through a lottery that was organized by specific lottery competitions or their sim card providing company. Then they will courteously ask you to contact the mentioned number or Email Id.

When the contacted person calls the given number or taps on the link, the so-called agent asks for a certain amount of money to process GST and other fees. If the victim pays the mentioned money they start asking for more.

Sometimes the cheaters only want to contact or communicate via text messages, emails, or WhatsApp. They use multiple bank accounts for receiving payments. This ridiculous and merciless process can go on for weeks or even months if the scam can convince the victim to deposit more cash to get the fake lottery amount. These evil gimmicks can also use the trick of informing the so-called winner that the prize money has been increased to keep this circle going on.

Once the victim finally grows suspicious and starts to ask for the money or make any further payments these fraudsters stop calling with their email ID or contact number that they were using.



With more news coming out each day, the fake lottery call complaint number is significantly increasing. Individuals need to protect themselves from these malicious thieves.


Lottery Fraud: Here Is How to Protect Yourself

1. To skip these lottery scams, do not ever respond to questionable offers presented through messages, emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp, or other social media

2. Do not give away Bank credentials and private information to any random unknown person on the phone.

3. Never pay an advance for any fee in the disguise of an unheard-of lottery competition.

4. Never put out money in unregulated entities or companies. 

5. Remember the rule of thumb. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably false.

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We hope through this article you have a clear perspective on these frauds. To save yourself from fraud lottery messages, emails, and calls, visit Go India Legal's website today. Do not fall into the trap of greed because that is what these fraudsters are all looking for.

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