How to prevent Online Job Fraud

How to prevent online job fraud

The popularity of online shopping platforms and payment methods are spiking every year and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This new trend has not only given customers a lot of satisfaction and choices from the comfort of their homes but also paved the way for newer forms of business and finance models in today's economy.  

However, all good things come at a cost. With so many online transactions on the retailing side and numerous payment gateways online, duping has become the new cyber-crime. Con-men are discovering new and innovative formulas for stealing the hard-earned money of innocent and gullible job seekers, especially the ones who are new to the online ecosystem. In this elaborate post, we will objectively learn how to safeguard your finances and details to the maximum extent possible for those who are new users in this field. After receiving numerous fake job offer complaints we have come up with this article to assist you.

We intend to raise awareness in the masses about online job fraud and how to learn the right precautions to do a safe financial transaction. The methods of safeguarding personal data, being aware of and identifying fake calls and emails, practicing safety measures online, and updating your passwords and online credentials from time to time are the focus here.


Most frequent complaints against fraudsters 

There are tons of complaints against online job fraud in India every day on the internet but the most incessant ones are:

  • Knock off job search platforms that are created to manipulate and steal applicant's credit card bank account and debit card credentials when they sign up on that platform. Even work from home online jobs frauds on freelance platforms are a common scam.
  • In some classic cases, the fraudsters disguise themselves as the spokesperson of a renowned company. They arrange fake interviews to confirm the so-called selection. Later, they ask the innocent victim for a mandatory paid internship for the ground-level skills.
  • Job frauds through call centres are using names, logos, Gmail IDs, and websites of genuine ones.


How to Submit Online Jobs Complaint?

Readers may ask "How do I file a complaint against fraud job consultancies?"

  • Trace the IP address they need to complain at the cybercriminal cell.
  • Give in the Customer Dispute Resolution Form.
  • Complaint to the fraudster's bank.


How To Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams? 

1. Install protection software to secure the mobile device or computer

2. Update the computer and mobile device regularly to safeguard yourself from any form of critical security threats  

3. Use a multi-level authentication method to protect your accounts.

4. Have backups of your crucial credentials and financial details.


How can Go India Legal Help you?

Go India legal is a legal-tech company based in India. Our company, Go India Legal, concentrates on resolving job cheating complaints through an expert’s perspective. We have an experienced and skilled workforce in the cybercrime prevention and resolution field with over 50+ experienced consultants. To fill in an online job fraud complaint, simply fill up the complaint form on our website. Our team will then get in touch with you shortly.

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Wrapping up

A plethora of ruthless job frauds are taking place during this pandemic because cyber thieves know that people need money and jobs in this tough time. Stop them from viciousness by taking precautions and safety measures. So, next time someone mentions "How can I file a complaint against fraud by online job portals?'", don't hesitate to help them out.

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