How to File Complaint in Consumer Court Online

How to File Complaint in Consumer Court Online

Nowadays, you can see most of the consumers buy some or the other products from different shops and online mode. Consumers have the legal right to file a complaint against the company if the latter fails to serve the goods and services. The consumer can plead in the consumer court if the company does not pay or refund back its compensation. The consumer can register and File Consumer Complaint Online on various issues.   

For this, the consumer has to follow the following steps:



An aggrieved consumer can reach out to us on our website to initiate the consumer complaint process.



When a consumer wants to complain, then they need to register on the above-mentioned website. It is an online procedure where the consumer has to fill in all its details regarding name, email address, dispute amount and phone number.



After filling up the form, the consumer need to make the applicable payment to initiate the complaint process.

After successfully submitting the complaint, the consumer is assigned a dedicated complaint number (GIL ID). This further helps the consumer to track the status and proceedings of the Consumer Court Online Complaint till it is solved.


Who Can File a Complaint under Consumer Protection Act?


The Government of India has set up consumer courts to deal with all cases that are related to consumer disputes. This is set up to protect the consumer's rights and maintain fair practices by the sellers.


All those consumers who have been betrayed or cheated by the traders for their unfair selling practices have a right to file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act. The consumer can raise a dispute and claim compensation.

Any person can File a Complaint in Consumer Court Online who is above 18 years of age and is a:

  • Consumer
  • The Central Authority
  • Many Consumers who hold the same interest
  • A legal heir or representative in case of death of the consumer
  • Parents or legal guardians if the consumer is a minor.

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How to Raise Complaint in Consumer Court


Step 1

A notice is sent to the service provider regarding the charges filed against them due to their unfair trade practices. After registering, our team sends a notice to the service provider to settle the grievance out of the court forum if the service provider agrees.


Step 2

If the service provider does not agree to the given amount of the compensation we then provide the consumer with a court petition which the consumer can use to directly initiate a court proceeding under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. All the necessary details related to personal and of the product are specified in the complaint.


Step 3

A nominal court fee is paid while lodging the petition that depends on the court.


Step 4

The consumer has to submit an affidavit stating that all the facts and documents which is submitted are true and do not hold any false statements. Accordingly, the consumer forum decides the matter to resolve the dispute.

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