How to File A Consumer Complaint Against Online Shopping Portals

How to File A Consumer Complaint Against Online Shopping Portals

Many people prefer the online mode of shopping through the various websites to avail discounts due to shortage of time and more. On the other hand, many online shopping portals deal in their fraudulent business to cheat and steal away the consumers' hard-earned money. Furthermore, these shopping websites use various strategies to maximize profit by hook and crook from their consumers.

Innocent consumers are attracted by the exciting offers and discounts on different products. These brutal businessmen follow unfair trade practices to mislead the consumers related to the actual price and quality of the products.

It is the most efficient and misguiding strategy of the current online businesses selling various essential products and gadgets at a discounted price. Consumers easily get trapped under fraudulent shopping sites and end up with mental suffering and unnecessary harassment of purchasing low-standard products without any further money return.


How to Complain Against Online Shopping in India.

Consumers find the online mode a much easier way of stopping that is cost-effective and also saves time. The greedy sellers betray the consumers on online shopping from any of the websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra. The consumer has the legal right to file a consumer complaint on these online shopping portals.

 For this, the Government of India has passed the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, intending to protect the rights and interests of the consumers. But here, the question arises where to complain against online shopping. The consumer who the fraudulent online shopping portals have lured can file a complaint against these websites in the District Consumer Forum.

 As per the provisions under the Consumer Protection Act 2019, it is unnecessary to hire a lawyer to file the case, and it is not an expensive way. It is a much more effective and easier way to file a case without getting involved in all the legal procedures that are unnecessary for the consumer.


How to File A Complaint Against an Online Shopping Site.

Consumers can file a complaint against any online shopping portal on our website as it is a legal right. It is possible only when the two mentioned condition satisfies with the responsible party


●     The product delivered to the consumer is not working properly, or there is a negligence service by the respondent.

●     The two parties have made an initial intimation regarding the information of the concerned dispute.


If these conditions are valid, the consumer can file a complaint against the online shopping portal for the compensation amount, including the legal expenses and the charges of harassment by delivering a faulty product and deceiving the hard-earned money.

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