How to File Consumer Complaint Against Phone Manufacturer

How to File Consumer Complaint Against Phone Manufacturer

Mobiles phones and tablets have become an essential in our day to day lives. For most of us we cannot imagine a single day without our mobile phones. Mobile phones have integrated themselves into our homes and our own lifestyle and we cannot imagine going back to the way things were. Despite that being the case, there are multiple instances of when purchasing a new mobile phone, the consumer suffers loss due to a detective and faulty product delivered by the seller.

The consumer should in those cases file a complaint against the sellers in the District Forum and ask for compensation. The Government of India has set up the Consumer Protection Act 2019 to educate the consumers about their rights and responsibilities and help them redress their grievances.

 It is highly recommended to file an online complaint against phone manufacturer as the best alternative. It helps the consumers save their precious time spent standing in queue for several hours and from facing any more trouble from the fraudulent company.


Issues faced by the consumers due to faulty mobiles

The consumer faces many problems after purchasing a mobile due to fake products or functions not working accordingly.

 Some of these issues are:

 ●      The quality of the mobile is not so good.

●      All the apps are not functioning well.

●      The built-in speakers are of low quality.

●      The mobile phone usually hangs even though there is enough memory space.

●      Sometimes, despite getting the mobile phone repaired, the issue still continues to happen.


The law passed by the Government of India in 2019 is the Consumer Protection Act which aims at protecting the interest and providing safety to consumers. It could be regarding unfair trade practices by the seller's defective products or dissatisfactory services and others on the part of the manufacturer.


How to file the Complaints against the phone manufacturer

To file a complaint, the consumers should contact the manufacturer to change the device under the warranty period. The consumer should state all the facts and problems they face with the mobile and ask for the exchange or to refund the consumer the amount paid for the mobile. The consumer may send this in written form to the manufacturer by themselves or through their own lawyer. If the mobile manufacturer does not respond to the letter or refund amount, the consumer may file a case in the District Consumer Forum under the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

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