How to File a Consumer Complaint Against Swiggy

How to File a Consumer Complaint Against Swiggy


 Swiggy has been running the food delivery service in India. Food aggregators like Swiggy provide their services of delivering food and access various restaurants through on the online portals. But many times, the consumer is harmed by Swiggy services of not being served the correct food ordered by the consumers. Sometimes a vegetarian person is served non-vegetarian food, and a person suffers severe food allergy or other health problems because of the unhealthy food.

As per the Consumer Protection Act 2019 and with the latest amendments brought about in the recent years, a consumer can file a complaint against online food services like Swiggy in the Consumer Forum of India related to the service provider's unhygienic practices and quality issues problems. It protects and promotes the interests of the consumer.


On what grounds a consumer can file a complaint against Swiggy services

When you are hungry, the first thing that comes to mind is to order the food through Swiggy. But sometimes, the consumer is betrayed by the unhygienic practices of the service provider. These may include:

 ●       When the Swiggy service provider delays the order without informing the consumer.

●       Inflating the order numbers and prices of items on the menu.

●       When the consumer finds other food items replaced by the ordered.

●       Many times the Swiggy representatives cancel the order without informing the consumer.


How to file a food complaint against Swiggy

Consumers can file a complaint against Swiggy partner in the Consumer Forum. Following steps you have to follow for this:

 ●       Intimation to the service provider by a notice for all the unsatisfactory services

●       Draft a consumer complaint with all the necessary details related to the consumer and Swiggy.

●       Attach all the relevant documents with the material evidence that will help to support your case

●       File the complaint in the District Consumer Forum and the Affidavit that all the facts presented by the consumer are true.

The Government of India has made provisions for the consumer to file a case in consumer court against swiggy. The consumer gets compensation if the service provider is found guilty. But it is not an easy task to file a food complaint at all, and hearing and getting justice is very time-consuming.

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