How to file a Consumer Complaint against Practo


Practo is an Indian health-tech business that intends to connect the country's fragmented medical profession with millions of patients. Practo has made information more available by developing a platform that allows doctors to list their services and manage patient contacts. It also offers various services to patients, primarily for scheduling doctor visits and keeping track of their medical records.

If there is one industry that is benefiting the most from the on-demand economy, it is healthcare. This field is the most effective and responsible since it provides immediate medical care to the suffering. If you're sick and can't get to the hospital, on-demand healthcare services can help you get an appointment with a doctor right away.


Practo Offers: 

  • Booking a doctor appointment
  • Getting the tests reports
  • Online consultation of specialists as well as ordering the particular medicines
  • Supply products ranging from clinics to hospitals


Nevertheless, they often lag to give crucial medical subsidies, which can be harmful to the patient. We can file a complaint against a pharmacy for such conditions under the legal guidelines of the Indian Government's Consumer Protection Act, 2019.


Issues that Customers are Facing:

  • Inaccurate information and advice.
  • Consulting Doctors providing poor medical advice.
  • Selling a faulty, out-of-date medication.
  • Medications that are too expensive.
  • Inability to obtain medication.

If you've experienced any of the problems listed above, it's time to file Consumer Complaint against Practo.




First, either you can visit the website's complaint portal to file a grievance against Practo or call the customer care representative utilizing the phone number provided on the same website.

If you don't get a satisfactory and pleasant reaction, you must go one step further and file a consumer complaint against Practo.

However, we are all aware of how time-consuming and costly legal proceedings can be. Regrettably, the bulk of court matters remain unresolved.

But hang in there! We have good news for you. Now you can make a consumer complaint online against Practo from the convenience of your own home! Here's how!




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Wrapping up,

In recent days, there have been countless instances of Practo's negligence and recklessness. To avoid repeat casualties, such incidents must be given the attention they deserve. The first stage is to increase public awareness of people's rights and ensure that everyone's interests are protected.

On the other hand, taking the difficulty and cost of a legal procedure into account, hiring an all-in-one best legal firm like Go India Legal is an excellent option. So, what do you have to lose? File a complaint today!