How to file a Consumer Complaint against Pharmeasy


PharmEasy is a company that is creating a solution for healthcare delivery. It connects patients with local pharmacies and diagnostic centers to order medications, healthcare commodities, and diagnostic testing.

The medical industry is distinct from others in that it is a prominent and well-respected field of undertaking. As a company operating a healthcare delivery platform, PharmEasy's legal obligation is to deliver acceptable quality of drugs and provide assistance to its customers.


PharmEasy is responsible for the following:

  • The quality of medicines supplied to patients
  • Ensuring that the supply of drugs is legal
  • Ensuring that the medication prescribed to patients is appropriate
  • Advising patients about treatments, including how to take them, potential side effects, answering patients' questions
  • Ensuring that the medication prescribed to patients is suitable. 

Nonetheless, they often fail to provide the essential medical service, which can be fatal to the patient. We can file a complaint against PharmEasy for such conditions under the legal guidelines of the Indian Government's Consumer Protection Act, 2019.


Issues that Customers are Facing: 

  • Inaccurate information and advice
  • Selling a faulty, out-of-date medication
  • Medications that are too expensive
  • Inability to obtain medication
  • Taking too much time to deliver medicine
  • Medicines not provided by PharmEasy

If any of the problems stated above have arisen, it's time to file a Consumer Complaint against PharmEasy.




In India's history, there have been numerous instances of severe medical negligence and recklessness. To avoid future mishaps, such situations must be given the attention they deserve.

If you have encountered any difficulties dealing with PharmEasy, you can reach PharmEasy's customer assistance to clarify your crisis and affirm your consumer liberties.

If you don't get a proper explanation or justification from them, you can file a consumer complaint against PharmEasy. For submitting the complaint, follow-ups, and claiming the consumer's right from PharmEasy, you must be physically present in the Courtroom.

But luckily, you can also file an online complaint with the Consumer Court against PharmEasy! 

Now, if we tell you that, you can file a complaint from the comfort of your own home! Allow me to explain.



We all know how time-consuming, complicated, and pricey legal issues can be. Government officials take their time and try to get you to pay more to equip the job. So, it's a great idea to file a complaint against PharmEasy online if you're a victim of the same fraud.

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Wrapping Up,

You could register a consumer complaint against PharmEasy if you encountered any difficulties mentioned above. But considering the challenges and cost of a legal procedure, it is a fantastic idea to take help from an all-in-one best legal firm like Go India Legal. So, what are you waiting for? File a complaint today!

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