How to file a Consumer Complaint against Nestaway


Nestaway is India's quickest growing managed home rental service, utilizing design and technology to create better rental options. They convert unfurnished properties into completely equipped, well-maintained flats that they rent to good renters at reasonable costs. They assist in the search for and preservation of rental properties in Indian cities. They help with move-in, house upkeep such as cleaning, repairs, rent payment, and even move-out.

However, several clients have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the organization’s performance over the years. As a result, a significant number of clients are unsatisfied. But the most asked question by the customers is that Can I file a case against Nestaway? Well, in the digital age, filing an online complaint has become much easier and less stressful.  

Generally, several Nestaway customers have the following problems:

  • Issues with maintenance.
  • Lack of privacy.
  • Customer service and communication are both lacking.
  • Incompetent management.
  • Funds that haven't been repaid.

If you are thinking How to file a Complaint against Nestaway? In this post, we'll walk you through the process of bringing a complaint against a home rental service in consumer court.


People often ask Where do I file a complaint against Nestaway? To begin, go to their workplace for face-to-face contact. Miscommunication is, without a doubt, at the root of most disputes. Sending an email or making phone contact with your management firm may not always result in a prompt response.

If this does not help you fix your problems, you should submit a formal complaint. If they do not contact you, you must take a step further and file a consumer Complaint against Nestaway Technologies Pvt Ltd with the consumer forum. However, we are all aware of how time-consuming and costly legal proceedings can be. Regrettably, the vast majority of cases remain unresolved in court.

But hang in there! You may even lodge a complaint online from the convenience of your own home!


For any default in the home rental service, anyone can submit a complaint in the consumer court. The best thing is that filing a complaint in court does not require the consumer to employ an attorney.

When you register an online consumer complaint with Go India Legal, you will receive free tutoring from our experienced Advocate panel and gain hands-on digital experience at all phases of your complaint filing.

Our staff will arrive to discuss your issues. Regardless of where you are in India, they will provide 360° online help till Nestaway reimburses the refund and apologizes for their error.

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In India, especially, the renting of a home has been a very restrictive market. If your issue is fresh, it is understandable that it would be pushed to the back of the line. So if your mind is saying “I want to file a case on NestAway company” then let Go India Legal help you.

Go India Legal is a one-of-a-kind platform for swiftly addressing brand-related customer concerns. We assist customers in battling injustice, fraud, and poor customer service. Every customer complaint is taken seriously by us, and we make every effort to address them. Go India Legal is now accepting complaints!

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