How to file a Consumer Complaint Against Motorcycle Manufacturers

How to file a Consumer Complaint Against Motorcycle Manufacturers


In the olden days, cycles used to be a mainstream form of transport for a common person to go anywhere. Then, with the advancement of technology, motorcycles have come into existence, and till now, the manufacturers have seen a rapid increase in sales due to huge high demands ever since. Motorcycles are quite economical than cars and more affordable. Though cheaper than a car, it still requires a sizable amount of investment. Moreover, the common person prefers to buy a motorbike as it easily fits in his budget and is up to its requirement.

There are quite a few leading brands that manufacture motorbikes with big names in the market like TVS, Bajaj, and more. But still, there are many problems faced by people related to motorbikes. Sometimes it may not start, the service is poor, the average is not the same as the time of purchase and more.

The consumer should be aware of the problems related to motorbikes and the remedial measures to seek from the Manufacturer. If the Manufacturer is not ready to exchange or make necessary motorbike repairs, they should make the motorbike service complaint in the Consumer Forum. The Consumer Protection Act 2019 has been set up by the Indian government to safeguard the rights and interests of innocent consumers. It includes unfair trade practices, defective products, unsatisfactory service of the product, and others which the Manufacturer is not ready to provide on its part.


Frequent issues faced by the Consumer after Purchasing the Motorcycle

 Some of the common problems the motorcycle owners face are:

 ●      Overheating of the motor engine.

●      The issue of fuel leakage from the bike.

●      Motorcycle service centers using recycled oil under the charge of new fresh oil.

●      Engine oil frauds in most of the service centers.


What is the procedure of a Complaint in the Consumer Forum Against a Bike dealer or Manufacturer?

The initial step of the consumer is to speak to the concerned showroom owner from where the bike was purchased. The manager of the showroom will suggest the consumer to go to the best service center according to the motorbike's present problems. At the service centers, they can refuse to fix your issue or do not agree to your point of dissatisfaction with the motorbike. You can file a legal motorbike service complaint in the District Forum against the owner and the service center. For this, you need to attach all the relevant documents related to the purchase of a motorbike. However, the process of filing a complaint in the Consumer Court is quite slow. It involves time and money altogether. It is better to switch to a smarter alternative and file an online complaint.


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