How to file a Consumer Complaint against MakeMyTrip



Many people don't want to deal with the hassle when on vacation or traveling with their families. Thanks to digital platforms users can book their accommodation and transportation up to a month in advance. Many people book their vacations with companies such as MakeMyTrip.

Sometimes, even travel agencies offer attractive discounts to help you save money. Many innocent people fall for these scammers and end up paying a lot of money to travel agencies in return for memorable trips.

These fraud companies don't cooperate with Consumers, and sometimes even commit misconduct with the consumers. Consumers are not offered the accommodation and services they requested before booking. Consumers request a refund for any services that MakeMyTrip has not provided.


  • There is often no refund for cancellations of tickets.
  • The hotel management refused to give the room for any reason at check-in.
  • Fake promises are made about all pre-booked packages.
  • The hotel's condition and services are very poor.
  • Although the total package price is paid in advance, consumers are often charged for the services.
  • The trip providers are not only non-cooperative, but they also misbehave and conduct misconduct towards the customers.

You can file an Online Consumer Complaint against MakeMyTrip if you find any of these issues. The Consumer Protection Act 2019 states that consumers can file Complaints online or at home.



  • You can first email or call MakeMyTrip to tell them what grievances you have experienced on your entire trip. They will then offer compensation for the rendered service.
  • If MakeMyTrip service providers refuse to cooperate and address your grievances promptly, you can contact the transportation company or hotel directly.
  • Due to various reasons, many cases are still unsolved and MakeMyTrip does not pay any compensation to the affected consumer.
  • A consumer can then lodge a Consumer Complaint against MakeMyTrip in the District Forum.

If you don't want to go through the lengthy court proceedings, but still wish to recover your hard-earned cash, the consumer can contact Go India Legal for help. Our expert lawyers will quickly resolve all issues.


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