How to File a Consumer Complaint against Insurance Companies

How to File a Consumer Complaint against Insurance Companies

When an insurer and an individual undertake a legal agreement for safeguarding either the life or welfare of an individual or any property, it is known as insurance. It is where the insurance holder pays insurance premiums on specific insurance plans. In return, the company is liable to pay back compensation to the holders on specific grounds or maturity.

Often, the insurance companies show negligence from their side. It leads to a situation in which the consumer is unhappy, and miscommunication from both parties leads to a dispute between them.

There are numerous times when the insurance holder does not get their damage cost, or the insurer refuses to pay the claim settlement without any authorized reasons. The Insurance holder has a legal right to file a Consumer Complaint against the insurance company under the Consumer Protection Act 2019.


Reasons on which the Consumer can lawfully file a Complaint against Insurance Companies

 An insurance policy guarantees the insurance company to pay out a sum of money against the claim or on maturity. For this, the policyholder willingly pays the premium at the due date. But in many cases, the policyholder is denied its benefits and claims.


There are many reasons for the same such as:

 ●       When the consumer is decisively cheated by the misrepresentation and Misguidance of the policy.

●       Unnecessary delay in settlement of the claimed policy

●       When the insurance company rejects the claim of the policyholder.

●       If a dispute arises regarding the Terms and Conditions, as clearly stated in the insurance policy.

●       On the grounds, when the policyholder is not receiving all the benefits after paying all the premium.


How the consumer can file a complaint against the Insurance Company

 Before any further proceedings related to claiming the consumer rights against the fraudulent insurance company, the policyholder needs to contact the insurance company about the policy issue. The consumer needs to furnish the essential documents like insurance plans and agreement credentials and if the insurance company does not render the services and the consumer does not get a satisfactory response, then it's legal to file a complaint in the Consumer Court against the insurance company.

 Though the court proceedings are prolonged and delayed with time, the consumer must be present in the courtroom for every follow-up. Mostly, the policyholder loses its patience because of the legal procedures for the claim amount from the insurance company.

 The legal proceedings of the government officials take a lot of time and money from the consumers. It is not an easy task to get the job done all alone. It would be a smart move to file a complaint against the insurance company through the Go India legal online as it offers various legal support services to achieve justice for the deserving consumers who are harassed and manipulated in the fraud move of the insurance companies.

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