How to File A Consumer Complaint Against Google Pay And Get The Refund

How to File A Consumer Complaint Against Google Pay And Get The Refund

Consumers face many problems while purchasing goods and services in the online transaction mode, either through internet banking or mobile banking. Google pay is an online platform in India and is considered the safest and the most secure online payment mode to others. Google Pay app is a simple way to send money, recharge mobile or pay your bills straight away from your bank account in just a few clicks.

However, many Google Play users are complaining about the poor services and performance. Furthermore, many times the Google Play Transactions Fail, But the Money Is Debited from the bank account.

It is high time, and there is a need for appropriate legal protection that must be provided to innocent consumers and protect them from exploitation against such practices.


Issues faced by the Google Pay Users

Nowadays, it is common practice to send and receive money online. With its unique feature, Google Pay allows the users to interface smoothly and handle online transactions easily and conveniently. But there are several issues faced by the Google Pay customer these are:

●       Subjected to fraud while transferring the payment on this platform.

●       When it takes too much time to transfer the amount.

●       Sometimes, the Google Pay features of checking the balance after the transaction do not work properly.

●       The refund of the transacted money takes a long time to get back to the account.

●       Many times the consumer complaints of getting their Google Pay transaction failed and is debited in multiple.

For all the above-stated problems, the consumer can file a complaint against Google pay for getting its refund money on time.


How to File a Complaint against Google Pay

Google pay does not have their customer care number where you can register your complaint. Google never asks for a bank and details or card CVV number from their customers. But still, if there is any suspicious activity on your account, you can file the Google Pay Fraud Complaint with the grievance officer.

Once all the formalities are cleared, you may get your refund within a few hours. If you face any issue with not refunding your money back, you should contact the Consumer Forum to lodge your complaint.

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