How to file a consumer complaint against Flats, Real Estate Projects and Housing Societies


Real estate is among the most profitable investments available in today's market. People's basic needs include having a home or an apartment.  There are many honest Real Estate firms, but numerous fraudulent businesses and their agents defraud their customers and profit from them.

However, real estate complaint filing against hidden charges frauds or any real estate failure, such as late possession or property fraud, has become easier and less stressful in the digital age. You can complaint against builder for cheating or may bring a case against builder for poor construction to the consumer court if you believe there has been an infringement of contract in the real estate industry.


Let’s see the issues that customers face: 

  • Building on unlawfully obtained land.
  • Delay in transferring possession.
  • Work of poor quality.
  • There is no completion certificate.
  • External development charges have been increased.
  • Building without permits.
  • The money is forfeited.
  • Third-party interest is created.
  • The allottee must approve changes to land usage, layout plans, and constructions.
  • Hidden charges applied.
  • The project was canceled.

So, If you are thinking, how do I file a complaint against a real estate agent? You are already in the perfect place.


You can register a written complaint with your Builder, along with any supporting documentation. If the firm does not solve your issue within 15 days or is not happy with the solution, you can go to the next stage. You can make a RERA complaint against builder if the project is registered. RERA has made it easier than ever to file a complaint. RERA's website now allows anybody to submit a complaint.

If a project is not registered under RERA, you can make a complaint with the consumer court. Before registering a complaint at the consumer court, the complainant must send the real estate business a written consumer complaint notice.

You have the option of filing a Complaint against builder in consumer court if you do not receive a suitable response or no response at all. You may now file a claim over the internet. And now it's time to get the Go India Legal experience!


People often think about how to file a complaint in consumer court? Or,  Who can file a complaint in consumer court? The simple answer is anyone can! And Go India Legal can help you with that.

If this type of malicious operation has victimized you, it would be a wise decision to file consumer complaint against real estate companies & agents. We provide a wide range of legal aid services to assist you in obtaining the justice you require while preserving your financial resources.

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