How to File a Consumer Complaint against Courier Companies

How to File a Consumer Complaint against Courier Companies

Nowadays, many courier companies do not take care of the emotions and hard-earned money of the customers while delivering the parcel. Most of the time, the consumer faces problems related to courier issues, but the courier companies also provide no action or help assistance.

The Consumer Protection Act 2019 protects the interest of the consumers and takes effective measures to settle the dispute in a less time-consuming way. A consumer has a legal right to file a written complaint to obtain relief compensation from the courier companies regarding the unfair trade practices and misleading the consumer.

Many customers are trapped in the fraud actions of the courier companies, and no legal actions are undertaken due to the faulty and poor performance of the courier companies over the years.


Where Can A Consumer File its Complaint?

 At first, the deceived consumer should contact the respective courier service company and address the issues regarding the shipment of the parcel. Suppose the consumer is not satisfied with the hearing of the courier service department. In that case, the consumer can approach the District Consumer Forum to file a case against the company to get relief or make an appeal for compensation.

The consumer has to send the legal notice against the courier companies with all the essential details and attach a copy of lawful evidence of the claim. Suppose the courier companies take no action against the legal notice. In that case, the Consumer Can Sue the Courier Company in the consumer court for the compensation and mental sickness faced by the consumer for the mishandling or theft of the shipment parcel.


Problems faced By the Consumer.

 The consumer faces several issues in case of poor and for service of courier companies. It includes:

 ●       Delay in receiving the shipment through the courier in case of urgency

●       Some cases show the status as delivered, but the parcel or shipment is missing.

●       When the courier company delivers the wrong or other party shipment

●       Many times the consumer complains about the missing item from the package delivered by the companies.

●       Furthermore, the high price articles and products are delivered broken by the shipment companies in case of mishandling.

●       The shipment is delivered to the wrong address, and no action is taken to improve the services.


In all the above cases, the consumer has a legal right to file a complaint in the Consumer Court Against Courier Company.


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