How can a consumer file a case against Cleartrip


Most people prefer to plan their travels as one of the smartest moves. Cleartrip is a traveling company that takes care of all the measures to plan a trip for its customers.

But many times, all these responsibilities and ethics are not followed by the company to the consumers. The consumers are betrayed and cheated for their hard-earned money to earn profit by hook or by crook. Sometimes you are not provided with the accurate deserved services on the part of travel agencies.



  • No proper refund policy in case of cancellation of the ticket 
  • The hotel booked under the Cleartrip portal denies the check-in.
  • The booked package trip turns to fake promises and poor services.
  • The condition of the hotel and its services are incredibly cheap, and the money paid for the Cleartrip is much more.
  • The trip provider misbehaves and is not corporate at the time of need and even misconduct the whole trip. 

Thus, it is highly recommended for the consumers to be aware of the legal rights that have been set up under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. It clearly states that any person deprived of service has the right to file a case under the District Consumer Forums. The Government of India enacted the Consumer Protection Act 2019, and it works for the safety and interest of the consumer.




Negligence on the part of the Cleartrip is not tolerable by consumers who had fully paid the amount of the Trip as required by the company. For all those deficiencies above the services, the consumer should file a Complaint against Cleartrip.

The consumer should send an email to the Cleartrip service company or call customer care to solve the grievances faced by him. Suppose the company does not solve all your issues. In that case, the consumer should demand compensation for the faulty services or ask for a refund of the money.

Suppose the matter is not taken into the process. In that case, the consumer can directly call the hotel or transportation company to sort out the issue at the earliest.

Suppose all these do not go with the consumer. In that case, it is essential to lodge a consumer Complaint against Cleartrip in the District Forum. Just filing a claim in the consumer forum is not only the end. The consumer needs to draft the detailed paperwork to file an official complaint, and it takes a lot of time and effort. 

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The consumer will get all the help related to the case till it is solved from our professional and specialized advocates. They will assist in all the hearings and legal formalities of the case on behalf of the consumer. 

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