How to file a Consumer Complaint against Car manufacturers

How to file a Consumer Complaint against Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers are considered one of the most prominent sources of national revenue in India. Today car manufacturing companies are dominating the Indian market. A wide range of automobile companies and organizations are involved in designing and developing cars in India.

 The first ride is a moment of togetherness for a family. But what will happen to happiness when a brand-new car has issues with it. Suddenly all happiness, feelings of pride go for a toss. You should speak to a dealer and repair your car under warranty.


On what grounds can consumers file complaints against car manufacturers?

 If you strongly suspect that the car has a major problem or you are being cheated, it is time to take action against the dealer and manufacturer. There are many factors under which the Consumer Can File A Complaint Against The Car Dealer.

 Manufacturing defects- Manufacturing defects are the defects that persistently come up and cannot be rectified by the dealer after many attempts. These types of defects can be:

  1. Low pick-up noise in the engine.
  2. Slipping of the clutch.
  3. Doors open up while the car is in motion.
  4. Engine malfunction from the beginning.
  5. Airbags are not functioning properly.


A consumer may even file a complaint if the car manufacturer is:

●     Is not replying to the complaint stated.

●     They are not refunding in case of a refundable car.

●     Giving negligible service to the consumer.


How Can A Consumer File Complaint Against The Car Dealer?


●     First of all, in case of any issues in the car, the consumer should try to contact the respective car dealer by their customer care number. As they value customer feedback and try to resolve the complaint at this early stage only.

●     In case auto companies refuse to cooperate and are unwilling to offer any compensation, repairs, or resolution to you. You can take legal action against them by sending a legal notice.

●     If they don't hear back even by legal notice, they can approach the Consumer Forum to resolve your case.


However, remedies are obtained against such malpractices by filing Vehicle Complaint Online under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, to seek remedial help. The Government of India has enacted this act to safeguard the interests of consumers against unfair trade and practices in India so that the consumer can get justice as speedy as possible.

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