How to file a Consumer Complaint against wrongful transactions at Banks


In the arena of banking, online banking is one of the most dynamic innovations of all time. The most significant aspect of online banking is that users can utilize it to perform transactions from anywhere.

Any consumer can transfer money from their concerned bank account to another bank account in the blink of an eye using online banking at any moment of the day.

Nevertheless, one of the most substantial drawbacks of internet banking or net banking is that a single consumer error might significantly cause problems. Customers often make the error of moving funds to a false bank account. 

Wrongful transactions can happen due to a variety of factors:

  • By negligence, the remitter inserts the wrong Bank Account Number or IFSC Code; a false transaction is arrived due to technical difficulties on the side of the involved bank.
  •  If an amount has been debited or credited to the improper bank account due to technical problems on the part of the financial institution, the accountable Bank is solely responsible for legislating the issue.
  •  If a sum has been debited or credited to the inaccurate bank account due to technical problems on the relevant financial institution, the responsible Bank is solely responsible for rectifying the issue.

Instances like these are when a consumer should file a consumer complaint against wrongful transactions at banks in case the banks do not provide any solution. But if you are thinking, How do I complain about a bank transaction? Where do I report a bank for unfair practices? This article is the right place for you.



If your bank account has been incorrectly credited or debited with any amount, you can opt for the following steps to take legal action against the bank:

1:  As soon as feasible, inform the concerned Bank by mail or by applying, including all crucial evidence such as the date and time of the false transaction, transaction ID if any, amount transacted mistakenly, actual Bank Account Number, etc.

2:  If the concerned bank does not concern about handling your problem after conceding it, you can bring the matter to the awareness of the branch manager of the concerned bank, escalating the occurrence and giving the essential papers, and petitioning that he do what is needed to resolve it.

If your difficulty is not settled after speaking with the branch manager of the concerned bank, you can file a Consumer Complaint Online with the appropriate consumer forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, and seek redress.

The Government of India has enacted this crucial Act to protect consumers' interests and to curb unfair trade practices, as well as the rise of illegal business and fraudulent operations in India.

If you are looking for a simple and easy procedure to file a complaint against the bank to consumer Forum, we have a recommendation for you.



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