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Digitalization has transformed the procedure of purchase and sale. Though there are thousands of places to buy stuff online, Amazon is usually the first place most people look to make all their online purchases. Amazon always provides the best prices for any item. Due to its large base of seller base and huge collection of items, the buyer always gets the best possible price for their product.

 Despite that however, there are many instances in which the consumer is handed a bad experience from Amazon for not delivering the right product ordered by the consumer. Additionally, there are also multiple complaints against Amazon for excessive delays in delivery.




Nowadays, there are many complaints against Amazon for defective or damaged products being sold to their consumers. Some of these complaints have become a mainstay due to their frequent recurrence. These are:

 ●     The products listed are overpriced

●     A damaged or defective product received by the consumer

●     The product delivered to the consumer is fake

●     Delayed or cancelled the delivery

●     No refund provided or replacement done on a cancelled order/defective product.

●     Lastly, poor customer service and support.

 Many consumers file complaint against amazon service for their fraudulent services through which they cheat the hard-earned money of the consumer. However, this is a long and complicated lawful procedure.

 All government proceedings take their own time and the consumer needs to visit the courts several times to able to finally reach a conclusion to their complaints. Thus, the consumer should not go for the traditional complaint procedure and should rather file the complaint online!




According to the Consumer Protection Act 2019, a consumer can file a complaint in the District consumer forum for matters relating to:

 ●     Unfair trade practices.

●     Defective or damaged products.

●     Deceptive charging by the seller.

●     Goods advertised for sales may be hazardous to life and safety.


At first, the consumer should attempt to speak with the Amazon customer care centre. The consumer should report the issues related to the product and seek solutions for their grievances. If no course of action is taken by Amazon to solve the issue, the consumer should then approach District Forum for resolving their grievance. A consumer can file a case against amazon service and apply for compensation. However, as we had mentioned before, this is a very long and tedious process. 

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