How to File a Complaint against Marriott Hotel



The hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The tourism industry has experienced rapid growth, especially in India.

India has a rich cultural and historical heritage and is a favourite destination for millions of travellers worldwide. As a result of this, India's hospitality industry has grown beyond expectations. India is a popular destination for tourists who want to discover the country's natural beauty and culture.

Many times, however, the services provided by these hospitality companies are not as described in the booking process. Fraudsters ignore their ethical and legal responsibilities and use unfair methods to make a profit. 

The top-ranked hotel for Hospitality Services has been the Marriott Hotel. However, there has been an increase in complaints from consumers about Marriott Hotel's inadequate and unsatisfactory service. The same has left many customers dissatisfied on their vacation or trip.

Customers who avail any service or facility from the hospitality industry expect top-quality services. In the event they are not provided the same, they are often left dissatisfied.

In such instances, the consumer has the right to file a complaint against the Marriott Hotel. The Consumer Protection Act 2019 clearly states that any customer who has been harassed or has received any inferior quality of service than adve    rtised has the right to seek justice.


The top complaints against the services provided by Mariott Hotels are:

  • Management of hotel services is not proper.
  • Customers are required to wait in long lines despite having booked their rooms in advance.
  • Cancellation of room bookings without any prior notice to the customer.
  • Unprofessional behaviour by the hotel's ground staff.
  • Unhygienic or poor-quality food is served to the customers.



India is very passionate about handling complaints relating to negligence in the hospitality industry. These issues often get mismanaged, and the consumer receives no compensation. 

Any consumer who has is aggrieved by the services provided by the Mariott Hotel Group should file an online consumer complaint against Marriott Hotel. The concerned consumer needs to file a complaint and seek compensation for the shortcomings of the Mariott Hotel group. 


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